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Our natural daily facial scrub gives an intense exfoliation without the irritation, making it perfect for all skin types – dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin.

The sugar powder base blended with the purest organic jojoba and sunflower oils roll over the skin in a powerful yet gentle action. It lifts away dead skin cells, clears blocked pores and blackheads to reveal a fresh and smooth complexion.

It contains antibacterial and anti-aging properties, reduces inflammation, and regenerates skin cells – helping mature skin and acne-prone skin. It can also be used on the neck, body, and a beard exfoliator.

Free from: Parabens, Sulfates, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Colors & Fragrances, Cruelty

Natural, Organic, Handmade, Plant-based, Vitamin & Antioxidant-rich, Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic, Eco-friendly

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50 ml / 1.7 fl oz
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There’s no minimizing the benefits of following a facial skin care routine that includes consistent cleansing and moisturizing. But adding an exfoliator to the mix takes things to the next level.

Our ZELEN Life Exfoliator, for example, goes beyond regular cleaning and moisturizing to remove dead skin cells that can clog pores. It has a deep cleansing action that removes dirt, oil, and impurities that may lead to a host of skin issues.

And it’s all-natural.

Like all our products, the ZELEN Life Exfoliator is chemical-free. It doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, or synthetic colors or fragrances. It’s cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

It’s also an exfoliator that provides a long list of benefits beyond its primary purpose of cleaning dead skin cells without irritation. It smooths and calms the skin while also refreshing, invigorating, and revitalizing it.

It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging and helps even out the complexion while diminishing scarring. It also encourages skin regeneration while speeding up cellular turnover; without exfoliation, skin can look dull and lifeless.

Our formula is powerful, no question, but also gentle enough for all skin types, including women and men with sensitive skin, who must be extra careful about the products they use on their faces. It doesn’t dry out or irritate the skin and, like all our products, is non-greasy and easy to apply.

We’ve created our exfoliator with a blend of jojoba, sunflower, and sugar powder that gently rolls over the skin.

Jojoba is a powerful natural ingredient found in many skin care products and with good reason. Its many benefits include that it has anti-aging properties, that it speeds up the skin’s natural healing process, and that it regulates the production of the skin’s natural oil – sebum – to help prevent blocked pores and acne.

Jojoba also helps to balance hormones on the skin.

Sunflower oil is an excellent moisturizer that absorbs quickly into the skin while trapping moisture inside skin cells. It helps to make skin less sensitive, balances the skin’s natural oils, reduces redness, and is rich in beta carotene, which converts to vitamin A – which also has many benefits for skin health.

Again, adding an exfoliator to your skincare regimen will pay off with exceptional benefits. The ZELEN Life Exfoliator is a premium product that provides a long list of benefits.

Additional information

Weight 0.765 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.35 in

50 ml / 1.7 fl oz


Sucrose, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Cera Alba Wax, Honey, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Decyl Glycoside, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Flower Oil, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil, Tocopherol, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Oil, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Extract. *Limonene, *Citronellol, *Geraniol, *Linalool. (* Natural component of essential oils)



3 reviews for Exfoliator

    Roxanne Ferguson
    February 9, 2021
    A wonder scrub
    This product feels like a cleanser and exfoliator all in one! It makes my skin so polished and leaves it with a protective layer on the surface.
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    ZELEN Life Exfoliator
    Lewis Mellor
    September 24, 2020
    I’ve tried many high street exfoliating face scrubs, but this one definitely sets itself apart.
    It has a creamy, butter-like texture that feels kind when applying it to the skin, with a gorgeous smell of honey and vanilla.

    I’m really conscious...More
    It has a creamy, butter-like texture that feels kind when applying it to the skin, with a gorgeous smell of honey and vanilla.

    I’m really conscious of the build up of blackheads on either side of my nose, so I really like the sugar scrub element to the product to help clear them out. Personally I’d like a little more sugar, but I understand that Zelen tailor their products towards the more sensitive skin types out there.

    When travelling abroad to sunnier climates I’ve found a lot of exfoliators dry my skin out completely after washes, so this is a perfect face wash to take on holiday with me because of its size and moisturising properties.

    Overall my skin feels enriched and smoother after each use. I feel good after using it and would definitely use again. Plus it has a touch of luxuriousness about it – which is always nice!
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    ZELEN Life Exfoliator
    Tomasz Murzyn
    September 15, 2020
    As a guy with easily irritated skin, I must say that using this exfoliator has already helped my skin feel smooth and clean without any reactions. It ...More
    As a guy with easily irritated skin, I must say that using this exfoliator has already helped my skin feel smooth and clean without any reactions. It also smells great and it's not greasy like other exfoliators.

    Up until now, I am can say that I am pretty satisfied. I will update this review if I think I should mention anything else.
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