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Our Writers

  • Board-Certified Doctor and Educator

    Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery MBBS

    London, United Kingdom

    Dr. McKeown is a UK-based NHS clinician with over 10 years experience in both hospital medicine and surgery. He is passionate about widening access to both education and healthcare around the world and as a result, outside of his clinical work he spends much of his time either teaching or providing medical consultancy to healthcare startups.
  • Board-Certified Dermatologist

    Dermatology (Stanley Medical College, Chennai)


    Dr. Singh studied dermatology from one of the most prestigious medical colleges of India – Stanley Medical College, Chennai. Currently in Germany, she divides her time between practicing dermatology and aesthetic medicine. A passionate writer, Dr. Singh finds immense joy in educating people about the science behind skincare and haircare.
  • Board-Certified Dermatologist

    Dermatology (University of Southern California)

    United States

    Dr. Chacon graduated from Brown University’s highly selective Program in Liberal Medical Education. She completed her dermatology residency at the University of Southern California, where she learned firsthand about skin disorders that others only read about. She loves to write, see patients, and practice all aspects of dermatology.
  • Board-Certified Dermatologist

    BS-MD (University of Miami)

    United States

    Dr. Trent has published over 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals. She also co-authored a textbook on dermatologic diseases and therapy, which was published by McGraw-Hill. She has been the recipient of several awards for research, teaching and clinical practice, including "Young Investigators Award" from the American Academy of Dermatology.
  • Doctor and Seasoned Medical Writer

    Doctor of Medicine MD (Angeles University College)

    United States

    Dr. Fernandes graduated from Angeles University College of Medicine, Philippines. She has worked with many medical publishing houses and doctors, as well as pharmaceuticals, hospitals and practices. She is a qualified writer of articles for medical journals, case reports and presentations, as well as training material for doctors and patient education material.
  • Domen Hrovatin

    Domen Hrovatin

    Co-Founder, ZELEN Life

  • Jordan Sully

    Jordan Sully

    Co-Founder, ZELEN Life

ZELEN Life is rebranding to Verdica. We ship to US, CA, UK & EU in 2 - 5 days ($5 flat rate). International delivery in 7 - 14 days ($10 flat rate).