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The premium green routine.

Our goal is to provide clean top-of-the-line skin and hair care regimes in a green, sustainable fashion. We are ZELEN Life.

Quality is our priority. Our unique skincare products are handmade with the finest plant-based ingredients sourced from around the world. They include organic plant oils that have been expertedly extracted to ensure they remain pure and contain all of their bioactive compounds. We all crave health and happiness and that’s a big reason behind creating what we believe is a truly desirable brand. To be desirable, we offer the best quality and premium skincare products that fit into a luxurious, yet a sustainable lifestyle.
Our name ZELEN comes from the meaning: one who is ‘green’. It is a word spoken around the Mediterranean, a part of the world that represents raw, natural beauty. All of our products consist of natural, plant-based ingredients. We’re also a company founded on ethics and morals:
  • We care about our customers in that you won’t find any harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients in our products.
  • We care about the environment deeply. We use recyclable packaging and encourage others to use it, as well.
  • We care about animals. None of our manufacturing processes or product testing involve the exploitation of animals.
Living a ‘green’ lifestyle is the most important factor for our long term well-being. We believe that a routine life is a healthy life. Nothing emphasises this more than in skincare. Healthy, radiant skin is achieved through a consistent skincare routine and positive daily lifestyle habits. We constantly strive to reflect this with our ZELEN Life skincare range. All our products complement each other to provide a comprehensive regime that enhances your skin and your lifestyle.

Our Medical Disclaimer

This website may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information herein for diagnosing a health problem or disease. Patients should always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis or treatment.

Our Editorial Policy

We pledge to present you with the best skin care products and the best skin care information, so you can make the right choices about your skin.

Caring About Your Skin Health
We are aware that your skin and your skincare choices are closely interlinked with skin health and your physical and mental well-being. As our duty of care to you and your skin, any content that we publish on our website that covers skin health, we ensure it is done adhering to a strict editorial process and quality standards.
Expert Writers
We do this by making sure that our content is written by qualified and credible health experts, so that we present you with medically accurate information to help you make the best choices about your skin and skincare routine.
References, Sources and Citations
Our writers not only draw on their own expert knowledge and experience as medical professionals, they also extensively research the subject matter and support their statements with fully referenced scientific-studies. We also only link to highly credible and trustworthy medical websites. Our sources are referenced within the content are listed both inline and at the bottom of every article.
Our Voice
We genuinely care about your skin and we want that to be felt in our writing. We want to present you with easy-to-read information in a conversational manner and not come across too serious or cause you any concerns. ZELEN Life is an approachable skincare brand with a natural ethos and we want that to be reflected in our writing style.
Editorial Team
We have a highly-experienced editorial team who manage the publication of the content on our blog. Every article is fact-checked and appropriately edited to ensure that our voice and how we share the information is consistent. Our skilled editorial team puts significant emphasis on making sure all our content is easy accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date, responsible, helpful, responsible, trustworthy, easy to understand and also entertaining to read.

The Team

  • Board-Certified Doctor and Educator

    Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery MBBS

    London, United Kingdom

    Dr. McKeown is a UK-based NHS clinician with over 10 years experience in both hospital medicine and surgery. After an initial career in maxillofacial surgery his focus now lies in elderly care and rehabilitation medicine. A board member for Wadham College of Science, he is passionate about widening access to both education and healthcare around the world and as a result, outside of his clinical work he spends much of his time either teaching or providing medical consultancy to healthcare startups. Commercially, his interests lie in helping research and promote novel, evidence-based medicines originating from natural sources and processes.

  • Board-Certified Dermatologist

    Dermatology (Stanley Medical College, Chennai)


    Dr. Singh studied dermatology from one of the most prestigious medical colleges of India – Stanley Medical College, Chennai. After finishing her post-graduation she went on to work as a consultant dermatologist in one of the largest cosmetology clinic chains in India – Kaya skin clinic. Working alongside expert aesthetic dermatologists of India, she worked extensively with customized skincare as well as lasers and injectables. Alongside, training under famous hair transplant surgeon – Dr. Venkataram Mysore, she learnt the nitty gritties of hair treatments. After doing two traveling fellowships in dermatology in Germany, she decided to settle there. Currently dividing her time between practicing dermatology and aesthetic medicine, she finds immense joy in educating people about the science behind skincare and haircare.

  • Board-Certified Dermatologist

    Dermatology (University of Southern California)

    United States

    Dr. Anna Chacon is a board-certified dermatologist from Miami, based in South Florida. She graduated from Brown University’s highly selective Program in Liberal Medical Education. She completed her dermatology residency at the University of Southern California, where she learned firsthand about skin disorders that others only read about. She loves to write, see patients, and practice all aspects of dermatology.

  • Board-Certified Dermatologist

    BS-MD (University of Miami)

    United States

    Dr. Trent completed a 6 year combined BS-MD at the University of Miami with an undergraduate major in biology and a minor in chemistry.  She completed her internship in Internal Medicine and her residency in Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Trent is a world recognized dermatologist, who has published over 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals. She also co-authored a textbook on dermatologic diseases and therapy, which was published by McGraw-Hill Co, Inc. She has had the opportunity to present her clinical research several times at national medical meetings. Dr. Trent has been the recipient of several awards for research, teaching and clinical practice, including the prestigious Young Investigators award for research from the American Academy of Dermatology as well as the coveted Castle Connelly Top Doctor award.

  • Doctor and Seasoned Medical Writer

    Doctor of Medicine MD (Angeles University College)

    United States

    Pamela Q. Fernandes is a doctor and medical writer. Born and raised in Kuwait, she graduated from Angeles University College of Medicine, Philippines in 2007. Soon after that, she started her career as a medical writer and physician. Pamela is an advocate of preventive health, rural medicine, women’s health and tele-medicine having been active in these roles for the majority of her decade long career in medicine. As a seasoned medical writer, she has worked with many medical publishing houses and doctors, as well as pharmaceuticals, hospitals and practices. She specializes in training material for doctors and patient education material. As an academic writer, she is a qualified writer of articles for medical journals, case reports and medical presentations.

  • Domen Hrovatin

    Domen Hrovatin

    Co-Founder, ZELEN Life

    Domen has a deep background in men’s grooming and considers himself to be a facial hair addict. He also has personal experience with male pattern baldness and has written extensively on the topic. He’s a male grooming enthusiast with vast experience and knowledge in providing advice for beard care, hair loss, style, and all products related to those subjects.

  • Jordan Sully

    Jordan Sully

    Co-Founder, ZELEN Life

    Jordan is a highly knowledgeable natural skincare formulator whose own battle with acne inspired him to study all aspects of the skin, as well as the beneficial role that natural botanicals play in alleviating sensitive skin problems. He understands the adverse role that harsh chemicals found in many skincare products play in exacerbating, and not relieving, skin issues.

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